orthotic insoles prague
orthotic insoles prague
ortopedicke vlozky Praha
orthotic insoles prague
orthotic insoles prague

Computer foot assessment

We provide a specialized check foot diagnostic by optical podography which is a registered patent.

By standing barefoot on a glass pressure plate the distribution of the pressure on the sole can be accurately seen on the other side of the glass. A scan is made of this to produce a "pressure map", which is the basis of the foot check by computer. Certain pressure distribution patterns indicate foot problems and every disorder has its own distinctive picture.

The aim of this treatment is to correct maligned pressure distribution and restore the disturbed balance of the foot.

After scanning the foot qualified specialists design a map for the orthotics tailored to the individual's feet.

The individual orthotic insole is made on the basis of this map. It is made of soft, natural materials, and is comfortable to wear and non-allergic.

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Custom made orthotic insoles

hand made

Custom made sport orthotic insoles


  • Are made on the basis of map

  • Are made of soft, natural materials

  • Are comfortable to wear and non-allergic




Rita Horváth - ski instructor

You should think about your feet while doing sport

Healthy feet not only bear the extra strains of sport

for longer but also help protect against potential

painful conditions that can develop in the foot and

other parts of the body such as waist pain and hip pain.

So it makes sense to have our feet looked at and to wear good orthotic insoles in order to avoid problems like these.

The foot check by computer reveals static problems such as fallen arches, flat feet and leaning ankles, which are in the background of potential complaints. The examination...

Orthopedic footwear

  • healthy shoes with a removable insole

  • existing insole can be removed and replaced with individual orthopedic insoles made to measure

  • orthopedic inserts into a slippers have a cork base its modular binding and top material according to the client's choice

  • the standard insole is made of polished leather

  • we think also of clients who suffer from various foot deformities type of hallux valgus (enlarged joints of the thumb) for these clients are designed shoes with padding in this joint

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