Foot check by computer and Costume made orthotic insoles

Examination process

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Completing the data sheet

Examining the feet by computer takes about 5 to 10 minutes. he examination begins by recording personal and other relevant details, which can be seen in the diagram, before progressing to the next step in the procedure.

Scanning the feet

The patient stands barefoot on the glass sheet of the Podoscope, a diagnostic and measurement instrument. In tests the glass sheet could bear weights up to 500 kg, so there is no need to worry about it breaking!

Using the recorded pressure map, static problems such as fallen transverse arches and flat feet can be identified.

Recording the image

The image is made in black and white because it is not the colours but the brightness of the pressure areas we are interested in.

The program colours the black and white image in two ways to make the isobars, that is the amount of pressure exerted on each area, clearly understandable.



The digital image can also be shown in 3D and can be turned in the three spatial dimensions.

Part of the examination is also a consultation which usually takes 30 to 45 minutes

Designing the orthotic insoles

Corrective modules are positioned on the coloured image so that they don’t touch the areas under the heaviest pressure but form the new corrective weight line.

Assembling the orthotics

The orthotics are assembled by hand using the printed design. They are precisely crafted by skilled workers to the high standards of the leather industry. Several quality inspections are made to check that the right module is affixed in the right place. 

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Every orthotic insole is different and no two are exactly the same. 

This is the main reason why they are made manually.